Seth Andrew’s Hardcover Book, Pick Up at Conference


Seth Andrews, our Keynote Speaker, is bringing along copies of his most recent book “Christianity Made Me Talk Like an Idiot”. Save time and save on shipping fees by ordering your book now and picking it up at the WCR Conference on Friday May 5 or Saturday May 6.


This is the Hardcover format of his book – paperback is also available.

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Seth Andrews wasn’t an idiot during his thirty years as an evangelical Christian. He wasn’t unintelligent, nor did his IQ shift when he ultimately left religion entirely. … ┬áIn any other context, Christians would likely smirk, scoff, or recoil at many of their “normal” beliefs and practices: reenacted Easter crucifixions, eating monthly communion “flesh,” singing hymns about being washed in blood, and the embrace of a Bible containing scripture verses about golden hemorrhoids, apocalypse dragons, and human sacrifice … Are these notions embraced only because they’re familiar? Do they make any sense? And do they cause otherwise reasonable people to sound like idiots? Seth Andrews admits that, for himself, the answer was a definite yes. For everyone else? Read the book and decide.


Seth Andrews is bringing his latest book to WCR and making it available or pickup at WCR. Save time, save on shipping fees, and Seth is offering it at a discount as well. Pick one up today.

ONLY available or pickup at WCR 2023 May 5/6. NO SHIPPING!