Welcome to the 2nd Annual Western Canadian Reason Conference, abbreviated WeCanReason (WCR) !

We are off to an exciting start on 2024. We are proud to announce that the conference will take place at the University of Calgary Downtown Campus. It is right on the C-Train line for easy access. We have partnered with the Sandman Hotel across the street where we will have a meal and entertainment.

We have our first 4 speakers lined up for 2024! More speakers are coming soon!

  • Hemant Mehta is the founder and editor of FriendlyAtheist.com, a YouTube creator, and a podcast co-host. He is a former National Board Certified math teacher in the suburbs of Chicago and continues to coach a competitive public speaking team. He has also written multiple books.
  • Dr Eugenie Scott is an internationally-known expert on the creationism and evolution controversy and science denialism, and is called upon by the press and other media to explain science to the general public. She is the author of Evolution vs Creationism: An Introduction
  • Kat MacLeod plays a role in shaping the future of healthcare through her mentorship of pharmacy and medical students regarding the potential pitfalls of herbal remedies. Kat’s presentations highlight the importance of critically evaluating the safety and efficacy of these products. Listen to an interview with Kat at The Skeptic Zone.
  • Jonathan Jarry is a science communicator with McGill University’s Office for Science and Society (OSS), dedicated to separating sense from nonsense on the scientific stage. He has a Master’s degree in molecular biology and he brings his experience in cancer research, human genetics, rehabilitation research, and forensic biology to the work he does for the public. More about Jonathan is available here.

Full profiles and pictures are on our Speakers page


If you are visiting Calgary for WCR, take a look at Visit Calgary for ideas on the many other exciting things to do in and around Calgary.

Email Updates: Go to “I want to be there!” to stay in touch with news on this event! More details on 2024 are coming soon, so let’s stay in touch. We’ll have more speakers to announce soon.

Donations help us to put on this conference if you cannot make it yourself. Thank you!!

THANK YOU to everyone who bought a 2023 ticket, who volunteered, who organized. Thank you to all our 2023 speakers that prepared so hard and informed as well as entertained us. After the inaugural event, two organizers and a participant wrote an article about the whole journey and experience. It is well worth the read! “WeCanReason: From pre-COVID to Reality